Rego forms, Rego Fee's & Mug Shots

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Rego forms, Rego Fee's & Mug Shots

Post  Ginsy on Tue Apr 14, 2009 1:27 pm


important notices here so read up...

REGISTRATION - the season is fast approaching so players need to sort out registration fee's ASAP. The board met yesterday and decided that you either pay $50 by Rd 1 (24th April) or you speak to Phil and arrange some sort of payment option. All up fee's will be $250 for the season which is by far and away one of the cheapest in Brisbane.

I have also attached the player registration form for the league so please print off, fill out and bring it with you to this weekends games

finally Id cards will be in force this year so at the next game/training DO NOT leave until someone has taken your mug shot.

cheers & lets kick some ass in the cup this weekend

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