Pre-season Friendlies Continued

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Pre-season Friendlies Continued

Post  Warren Rice on Thu Mar 11, 2010 12:42 pm

Hey Guys.

I've just been informed that John has contacted a total of eleven clubs to date with little success in getting replies. The responses he has gotten have resulted in the two games already played, one game being called off by the opposition and one club informing him today that the Metro season has begun and it's most likely that no more friendlies will be available from the Metro teams. With such a short time to the start of our season it appears our best option is another interclub match which seems to already interest a number of you. Please let John know (via txt on 0400 024 881 as he is out of town at the moment) ASAP if you are interested in playing an interclub match. Once he gets suitable numbers, he'll do his best in organising a match. Please note in your txt your name and time/day preference/s.

Also, it appears the Board is offering an interclub match this Saturday late morning KO at Woodcrest College. If you are interested, please let the Board know ASAP so they can finalise their plans. Please note, though, that it is not guaranteed that either John or I will make it as John is out of town (as I've already mentioned) and I have prior engagements to attend to. If we are unable to make it and you do in fact play, good luck gents. Do us proud.
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